Pressure Thermal Dynamics is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of high-end process equipment in high grade materials such as titanium, super-duplex and high-nickel alloys.

PTD serves blue chip clients in the renewable energy markets (i.e. solar grade polysilicons, nuclear energy and car battery markets) and chemical markets. The company is typically hired in complex situations whereby PTD adds value in the engineering and design phase followed by flawless execution with a fault rate of zero. The company has long term clients (up to 15+ years) with a constant order flow at its key customers. Typical projects are IP sensitive, are in renewable markets and hence have new and complex designs and/or are in energy reduction programs at clients. PTD serves clients globally and has manufacturing facilities in the United States, The Netherlands and Estonia.


December 2015


€ 100 million

Head office

Vlissingen, the Netherlands



Bencis team members involved

Zoran van Gessel, Jacob Versteeg