Partners & Initiatives

Bencis supports Level 20

Level 20 is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving gender diversity in the European private equity industry.

Our ambition is for women to hold 20% of senior positions in this dynamic industry. To that end, we work to inspire women to join the private equity industry, particularly in investment roles, and to help them succeed by providing support and facilitating the sharing of insights and experience. Our latest study with the British Venture Capital Association, completed in March 2021, shows 10% of senior investment roles are held by women compared to 6% in 2018.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of our growing membership of over 2,500 individuals and for the financial commitment of over 80 private equity firms who sponsor us today, alongside other firms working in the private equity sector who also give us financial support. Together we are creating a stronger voice for improving senior female representation across the industry.


Level 20

Fewer women than men enter private equity and only a small proportion progress to take on leadership roles. We believe that increased participation by women, especially in leadership positions, will lead to improved and sustained investment performance. Many studies have shown a correlation between gender diversity in senior teams and higher returns on equity in quoted companies. We see no reason why private equity should be different.

Level 20 is a not for profit organisation to inspire more women to join and to succeed in the private equity industry.

Bencis supports the Jeroen Pit Huis

Jeroen Pit (May 20, 1968 – February 5, 2012) was a strong personality. A people person, a special friend and devoted husband and father.

Jeroen Pit studied econometrics and later economics at the VU in Amsterdam and started his business career in corporate finance at Mees Pierson.

From 1998 Jeroen worked as an independent entrepreneur and in 2004 he set up the investment company Bencis Capital Partners together with Zoran van Gessel.

Jeroen Pit

Jeroen Pit was a strong personality. A people person, a special friend, devoted husband and father. He did everything he could to spend as much time as possible with his family and relatives. Celebrate life as it came. Share the good things in life with others. Like no other he was able to show his children, as well as those of others, the positive side of life. He could give them that extra boost of motivation and confidence when they needed it.

Jeroen Pit was a strong personality. A people person, a special friend, devoted husband and father.

Connected to NVP

The Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen (NVP) is the industry body and public policy advocate for the private equity and venture capital industry in the Netherlands. The NVP is the point of contact for anyone who wants to get to know more about these investors.

The NVP was founded in 1984 and represents 90% of the capital under management in the Netherlands. Members are both national and international private equity and venture capital firms. Associated members are professionally or commercially involved in the investments. This includes law firms, consultants, tax specialists, accountants and other advisers.

The NVP is the point of contact for anyone who wants to get to know more about these investors

Supports Trees for All

Trees for All has over 20 years’ experience and is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) with a CBF certificate. The CBF checks that recognised charities meet strict quality requirements, thus guaranteeing that your donation contributes to a better world and that you can trust in Trees for All.

Trees and forests play a crucial role in tackling climate change and the loss of biodiversity. There is no life without trees. That is why we are planting new forests worldwide, restoring degraded forests and raising people’s awareness of the importance of trees – whether close to home or on the other side of the world. Our projects help create a better climate, more biodiversity and healthier living conditions for everyone.

Bencis supports Spacebuzz


The non-profit SpaceBuzz educational foundation is inspired by the ‘Overview Effect’, that – until recently – only astronauts in space were able to experience..

We want every child in the world to follow in the footsteps of astronauts and experience this for themselves.