The Equine Care Group is an international provider of high-quality equine care through specialised horse clinics, ambulatory care and food/supplements.

The Clinics division is led by the Equitom brand. Equitom is a leading equine clinic based in Lummen, Belgium, founded by Tom Mariën, the current CEO and lead surgeon in 2000. Equitom offers a full range of veterinary services for horses, with a focus on (complex) surgery, internal medicine, orthopaedics, medical imaging and revalidation. Furthermore, the group provides ambulatory care services and offers a range of high-quality food and supplements for (sports) horses through its brands Global Medics and Navalis.


February 2021


€ 35 million

Head office

Lummen, Belgium



Bencis team members involved

Robert Falk, Matthias Vermeersch, Maxime Mergaert